Jamie Platt, BSN, RN, CLC, CBE, CD, CPST

I have always been inspired by the strength of women and the miracle of birth. This is why I’m a professional Doula and proud to serve families throughout West Michigan. I provide unbiased and evidence-based information and emotional support that benefits women and families during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.  Thank you for choosing me as GR Kids #2 Birth and Postpartum Doula for 2020, and #2 Postpartum Doula and #3 Birth Doula in 2019!  What an honor!


Every birthing person deserves to have someone there to guide and assist them in making educated choices about their pregnancy, and remind them that they can trust in the strength of their bodies during this time.  I am proud to be a Registered Nurse that provides holistic care to all my patients and doula clients.  There is not a one-size-fits-all plan, and our health care system should provide care according to each birthing person's needs and wants. 

I work at Spectrum Health as a Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Nurse and teach Childbirth Education and Infant/Child CPR classes at Metro Health.  I am taking graduate classes at Frontier Nursing University to become a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), earning a Master's degree in Nursing.  I'm also a student in Trinity School of Natural Health's Certified Holistic Health Practitioner program.  I am a parent of two teenagers and two littles.  I am grateful for the opportunity to take the younger two to nature classes and homeschool activities, and as a family, we enjoy exploring nature, being next to any body of water, and going on adventures!

To learn more about my experience or my services, feel free to contact me by email at grandrapidsbirthandpostpartum@gmail.com or by phone at 616-292-9402.



Education and Background


I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Grand Valley State University.  Go Lakers!  I work as a Labor & Delivery and Mother/Baby (Postpartum) Registered Nurse at Spectrum Health, and teach classes at Metro Health.  Prior to nursing, I worked as a Medical Assistant at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.  I'm also a Nurse Midwifery Student at one of the most respected midwifery programs in the country!


I teach childbirth education classes at Metro Health in Wyoming, MI, and follow a Lamaze approach in my classes.  I am certified as a Lamaze Childbirth Educator and HypnoBirthing-The Mongan Method instructor and have completed the GentleBirth training.


 I am a certified postpartum doula through IPPA and BeboMia.  I have also taken a "multiples" postpartum training and have experience working with twins.


I am a certified birth doula through BeboMia's Maternal Support Practitioner program, which includes birth, fertility, and postpartum training.  I have also completed a VBAC doula training through The VBAC Link.


I am West Michigan's only Spinning Babies Provisional Parent Educator and was trained by Gail Tully, the creator of Spinning Babies, and Jennifer Walker.  I also took a one-day Spinning Babies class with Tammy Ryan.


I am a certified lactation counselor, trained by the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice, and am working toward my IBCLC certification.  I am also a local La Leche League leader!



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