"Jamie is extremely caring and passionate about her job.  She treated us as her family and provided a lot of help.  Having her is the best decision I've made.  She's really great!"

"Jamie was extremely kind and caring and so gentle with our son.  She immediately earned my trust.  I appreciated how she always followed my instructions for care and every time asked if there were changes to our routine or any updates she should be aware of.  She also asked how I was doing and encouraged me to seek postpartum care as well, which was thoughtful.  Jamie exceeded our expectations and we were very lucky to have her help during those difficult first few months."

"[Jamie] was always available via text or call to answer questions and offer encouragement throughout the entire pregnancy.  I felt more at ease when my birth story started to include induction knowing that we had support for what could have been a very long and exhausting process.  The beauty was [she] was willing to offer as much or as little support as I needed with the goal of helping me create my own beautiful birth story!"

"Jamie was very supportive and knowledgeable about numerous aspects of breastfeeding and postnatal care."

"Jamie was a tremendous help burping, changing, and soothing my newborn to sleep in between feedings so that I could rest.  She was a delight to have around."

"Jamie went above and beyond to help us out, and even picked up groceries for me once- I appreciated her thoughtfulness."

"I appreciated Jamie's medical background knowledge of typical procedures as part of the support.  Jamie passed along links for sites that help with getting the baby into an optimal position, as well as helping me establish my birth plan.  Her presence was helpful as back-up to the support my husband was providing, including helping me to new positions and reminding me to breathe."  

"Best investment ever!  [She] visited, answered all of my questions, was available to chat via text and call.  [She] also provided some laboring at home suggestions for my spouse to try to alleviate pain and discomfort.  [Jamie] was amazing!  After almost 26 hours of labor I had a c-section.  But [she] did everything in [her] power to try to make my baby move...switched positions, held my legs during the pushing, put me in the tub, and encouraged me.  I would not have made it without [her].  The follow-up visit was the same day, as [she] was worried about me.  [She] provided support, care, and advice on breastfeeding.  [My husband] felt extremely supported.  [She] even stayed with him as they prepped me for the c-section.  [She] listened and helped him process what was happening! [She] could not have done any better.


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